Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to reserve my spot?

Yes, in order to provide a personalized practice, our classes are limited to 6 people and often have a wait list. Please call for class availability and reserve your spot or schedule online through WellnessLiving. From our home page, select “Schedule Online.”


I’ve never done yoga before, which class should I attend?

Welcome! We have lots of beginners who start with us at the studio. All of our classes are suitable for beginner students, and all of our teachers are experienced in offering modifications of different poses for new students and more advanced modifications or progressions for those with more experience.

However, we find that most new students prefer to start with our Relax & Restore classes, which are slower paced than our Vinyasa Flow and Hatha classes.


What types of classes do you offer?

There is something for everyone! Since we are all unique, we offer a variety of classes to allow you to practice at your own pace. Please check out our “About Classes” page for detailed descriptions of each class offered.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

No! All props, including mats, blankets, straps, bolsters, and sandbags, are provided by the studio. However, if would like to bring your own mat, you are more than welcome to.


What do I need to bring?

Wear comfortable clothing. All props are provided by the studio. If you would like, you may bring a water bottle and small towel. Please remember to take off your shoes before entering the yoga space.


Can I bring my cell phone into the yoga room with me?

Unplug. We ask that you turn your cell phone and other electronic devices off or switch it to silent before class and place in your bag in the reception area.


Do I need to arrive early?

We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow yourself time to “center.” If you arrive early while another class is in session, please open and close the door quietly and have a seat in the reception area until the previous class is completely finished with Savasana.

Do you offer hot yoga?

Our classes are not hot yoga classes. We prefer to allow you to build your own heat naturally through movement.