Vinyasa Flow  Yoga


Vinyasa Flowing Yoga is a practice that links the asanas (postures) to one another through fluid movements.  Focus is on strengthening, opening the body, and breathing.  The asanas create strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance.  Knowledge of basic yoga postures is helpful, but not required.  Classes are 75 minutes long.

Monday 6:45 PM intermediate/advanced with Brittany
Tuesday 6:45 PM intermediate with Brittany
Thursday 9:15 AM gentle flow with Michele
Thursday  5:30 PM intermediate with Brittany

Gentle Relaxation Yoga


Relaxation Yoga is a gentle yoga practice that is appropriate for individuals who are new to yoga or would like a yoga experience that restores both the body and mind. Stretching and relaxing are the main focus, however poses for building strength and balance are included.  Yoga group classes are 75 minutes long.

Tuesday 12:45 PM relax & restore with Brittany
Tuesday 5:30 PM relax & restore with Monique
Wednesday 5:30 PM hatha with Michele
Thursday 12:45 PM relax & restore with Michele
Friday 10:00 AM gentle yoga with Michele/Brittany


A form of yoga that utilizes the support of blankets, bolsters and straps to prop the body in various poses. This method allows the student to practice in a manner that is slow and deliberate and will not place excess strain on the body. Restorative yoga helps combat the effects of chronic stress through relaxation. It is designed to move the spine in all directions and can include inverted poses which reverse the effects of gravity. It stimulates and soothes the organs by using the pose/counter-pose approach in sequencing. It also balances the body's energy level and flow through body alignment and breathing techniques.  Yoga group classes are 75 minutes long.

Tuesday 12:45 PM relax & restore with Brittany
Tuesday 5:30 PM relax & restore with Monique
Thursday 12:45 PM relax & restore with Michele

Pilates Reformer & Pilates Mat

Classes focus on exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. The emphasis is  the development of the body through core strength and flexibility.   Become stronger, leaner, longer and more graceful.  Pilates sessions are 60 minutes.

Pilates Mat Classes starting Wednesday, August 15! Reserve your spot now.

Reformer Sessions by Appointment 979-820-3464

Youth Yoga

Look for fun classes coming soon!


Sign up your 5-9 year old girls & boys now!

Brittany Hopper is a RYT 200, who trained with Mini Yogis.  She will offer classes filled with all the joy of yoga and the fun and imagination of childhood.  

Yoga and Pilates  Studio Reformer Sessions are also offered as Solo, Duet, or Trio. Private Sessions are classes for one person. Duet Sessions are classes for two people. Trio Sessions are classes for three people. 

offered by appointment


Private Sessions: Yoga & Pilates Reformer

Classes have a maximum of 6 students and are $20 per class.  Enrollment is monthly. 

Private Yoga sessions are $75 for 60 minutes and $110 for 90 minutes.

Private Reformer Sessions are $80 for 60 minutes.

Duet Yoga or Pilates sessions are $45 per person

Trio Yoga or Pilates sessions are $40 per person